Called Out, Part 2…

DSC_5786Well, since that first post didn’t sting too badly, I’ll just keep rolling with it.  Right on to NORTH CAROLINA.

Each spring for the last 3 years, I have spent most, if not all, of my flower blooming season on the Outer Banks in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.  But this year was going to be special.  North Kiteboarding International had decided to do their 2014 Vegas and Gambler teamshoot in the area and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the 5 to do the shoot.  They brought over teammates Reno Romeu (Brazil), Stefan Speissberger (Austria), and Mario Rodwald (Germany) to join Craig Cunningham (Canada) and myself for a packed month of freestyle, park sessions, muscle cars, heli shoots, and stunts involving aircraft carriers.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words…so what does that mean a kick ass 13 minute video is worth?  Check out our finished episode here:

And just in case you didn’t your fix from the video, here are some of my favorite photos as well as a few behind the scenes moments from our adventure:


Since the wind was light at the start of the week we spent a few days working on the vegas product clip in front of our humble abode.  It was clearly all work and no play 😉


We had a little bit more off the water time at the start of the trip so we took the boys over to Kiteboarding legend, Jason Slezak’s private skate bowl.  Craig Cunningham above.


Once the wind filled in, we kicked it into high gear with full days spent on the water.  Some days kiting from first light to sun down.


Craig Cunningham getting hits in front of Carlos Guzman’s lens.


Kiting over photographer Toby Bromwich.  This photo also made me Miss August in the 2014 The Kiteboarder Calendar 🙂


Above is a photo from one of the most intense kiteboarding experiences of my life.  Craig Cunningham and I had the entire Real Watersports slick to ourselves with a full park setup (huge thanks again to Eric Reinstra and Matt and Trip from Real Watersports for making this possible).


With only one hour to get the shots, quickly changing wind conditions, and the thumping of the propellors reverberating in your chest, the pressure was on to get good hits.


After a few stellar weeks in Hatteras, the boys and I were off to Texas for a change of scenery and….


….To jump off the USS Lexington….!!


The boys checking out the drop.  Something else you wouldn’t have known from just watching the video…the water was only about 5-6ft deep!


Mario Rodwald above.


Captain Craig Cunningham putting Petty Officer Reno Romeu in his place.


Who gave this guy a gun??


A little different from the backyard launch we had in Hatteras…


But the back drops were just what we were looking for.


After 3 whirlwind days in Texas it was time to call the shoot a wrap.


The whole gang on the last day, stoked from a successful shoot.

As our month of shooting came to an end, Craig Cunningham and myself said goodbye to our new friends and immediately had to set our sights on our next goal.  No longer would we be riding to get the perfect shot.  We’d be riding to execute our perfect run through the park.  Nail 4 sublime tricks in 2 tacks completed in just one pass through the slick.  Catch the best waves of the day and slash the sh*t out of them….oh yeah, and party, party, party!

It was time for THE 2014 TRIPLE-S INVITATIONAL….


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